Bulahdelah Central Christian Education Association Inc.

was established on 19th October 2006 at an Inaugural General Meeting attended by Angelo Cavaliere from GenR8 an offshoot from  Scripture Union NSW.

Present : Rev. Alan Bate, Alan Longworth, Stephen Rae, Meredyth Rae, Robyn Guthrie, Margaret King, Maureen Guthrie, Tony Gregory, Thora Ireland, John Burrows, Kathy Barker, David Barker, Elisa Barker and Angelo Cavaliere.

Election of Office Bearers
CHAIRPERSON: Alan Bate    — Nominated Thora Ireland, 2nd Stephen Rae.
SECRETARY: Meredyth Rae — Nominated Margaret King, 2nd Tony Gregory.
TREASURER: Tony Gregory — Nominated Meredyth Rae, 2nd Kathy Barker.
VICE CHAIR: Stephen Rae    — Nominated Meredyth Rae, 2nd Maureen Guthrie.
PRAYER COORDINATOR: Kathy Barker — Nominated Thora Ireland, 2nd Maureen Guthrie.
PUBLICITY OFFICER:  Maureen Guthrie — Nominated Thora Ireland, 2nd Robyn Guthrie.